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CD Technologies!

Providing quality service to the electronics and associated industries for almost two decades.

American support, global expertise

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as having two offices located in the heart of industrialized China's Guandong province, CD Technologies is your global partner.

Our sourcing of PCB's, as well as other custom components, like sheet metal, precision machined parts, and injection molded plastic components, provide you the competitive edge that you need in an increasingly competitive market.

Have specs, will travel

On site program management in our certified facilities assures the highest quality product, delivered to your specifications.

All of our customers receive the benefits of technical and process review to ensure maximum quality and cost saving benefits during manufacturing.

Our success is your success

CD Technologies understands that to be successful in today's business environment, there is no room for error. Our success is tied directly to that of our customers, and there is nothing that we take more seriously than our commitments!

Do you have what it takes to handle offshore suppliers?

We do.

Regular travel to Asia is both time consuming and costly. Once you arrive, it takes time to survey and qualify sources.

Once you find quality sourcing, maintaining the relationship with regular trips would soon become necessary.

With dedicated employees that are constantly visible in the factories where we have partnered, and in some cases working full-time in them, CD Technologies is your partner in the global landscape.

Our job is to make your business more efficient and cost effective!

Local components


Trouble finding an obsolete part? Long lead times? CD Technologies is there to keep your production running smoothly. If it's not available in our multi-million dollar inventory, our experienced team will locate the parts you need.

Our value-added services include: component testing to customer specification, tape and reeling, and more!

CD Technologies allows for global sourcing of problem components with one phone call.


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